Hillary used her iPad too

The Associated Press is reporting that Hillary Clinton sent emails from her iPad as well as her Blackberry – not just using the server at her New York state home she wiped clean. And that she – on at least one occasion – co-mingled personal and State Department emails.

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act fight precursor to presidential campaign

They’re lining up and firing at one another. On the Right, potential Republican presidential candidates, with strong support for Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act. Snarky comments from some of them over criticism from the Left.

On the Left, a chorus of protest over the law from liberal business people and Hillary Clinton.

If there was any doubt before, this ends it. When it comes to the presidential race, they’re off and running!

Why airstrikes kill innocents

It happens every time. So-called surgical strikes on legitimate military targets take out innocent civilians. They call it “collateral damage.” It’s an antiseptic way of saying non-combatants. Men, women, children. Have been killed.

It’s happened again in Yemen. Rebels were the targets. Civilians among the casualties. As the bombs, no doubt misplaced, struck a refugee camp. Some 40 people there killed.

American tourists suing Hamas

They were in the airport in Tel Aviv when the rocket attacks began. Attacks by Hamas during the Israeli incursion into Gaza. Under U.S. law, that’s a crime. So, now, 26 Americans who hunkered down in terror, are suing the Palestinian organization.

Email scandal taking its toll on Hillary

She’s slipping in key states. That’s the conclusion of a new Quinnipiac University poll which asked voters who they’d vote for in match ups between Hillary Clinton and a number of possible Republican presidential candidates.

Prisoners escape from hospitals

A huge manhunt underway in northern Virginia for a prisoner who escaped from a hospital and who is considered armed and dangerous.

A similar hunt in New Jersey for a prisoner who escaped from a hospital in Newark.

Mike Pence fires back

Before this dust up many people in the United States never heard the name of Mike Pence. Not any longer. The Indiana governor’s name is – for many families – now a household name. After he signed into law a religious freedom act that, opponents say, opens the door to businesses to discriminate against gay people on religious grounds.

Several of his fellow governors joining the chorus of those crying foul. Ordering no state government travel to Indiana. Several entertainers are canceling appearances there as well.

But defenders are arguing there are other states with similar laws (some use the term “the same” in place of “similar”) and that’s been shrugged off. Many of those states, though, have anti-discrimination laws that counterbalance religious freedom laws to ensure that they’re not used to deny service to gay people on religious grounds.

Pence is digging in. Blaming liberals for tossing fuel on the fire. Making a mountain out of a molehill. Etc.

What’s interesting is that both sides in this political battle want protections against discrimination. Evangelical Christians want the right to follow their religious beliefs without interference from the government in their businesses. Gays want the right to not be denied service because of their sexual orientation.