Yoga classes in school don’t violate religious freedom


For many in this country, the practice of yoga is an entirely secular (non-religious) experience undertaken for reasons such as increasing physical flexibility, decreasing pain, and reducing stress.  For others, the practice of yoga is a religious ritual, undertaken for spiritual purposes.

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1 guilty plea, 2 others charged, in NJ bridge closing scandal that’s tainted Gov. Christie

Two key figures in the scheme to close lanes and create traffic tie-ups on the George Washington Bridge were indicted Friday, hours after a former key ally to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie pleaded guilty in the act of political retribution against a mayor who did not back the governor in his re-election campaign two years ago.

They’re finally getting near the epicenter of the Nepal quake and it doesn’t look good

The Red Cross has finally been able to reach the towns closest to the epicenter of the Saturday earthquake in Nepal and is reporting almost total devastationBut that doesn’t mean help is necessarily on the way. Most of the mountain towns affected are totally cutoff from the outside world due to mudslidesIt’s now estimated that more than 6,200 people have died.

There’s a proposed new look to the Patriot Act, but not everyone’s happy about it

The Patriot Act is expiring and its renewal is making its way through Congress. But, if it passes as now proposed, there will be some restrictions on what the NSA can do. Apparently a reaction to the Edward Snowden revelations.  But not everyone on Capitol Hill favors reducing government snooping powers. In fact, Republican Arkansas U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton actually wants to give the Patriot Act more teeth.  On the other side of the issue, there are those who argue that the patriotic sounding USA Freedom Act, while curbing NSA surveillance powers, actually doesn’t go far enough.

What killed Freddie Gray?

Multiple sources are saying a report into his death concludes Freddie Gray died as a result of his head hitting the side of the prisoner van he was riding in.  But while one prisoner has said he heard Gray hitting the side of the van, another is now saying he didn’t hear a thing. An implication from the earlier report was that the fatal injuries he suffered were self inflicted. But some experts say, you can’t break your own neck in that manner.  Meanwhile, there’s been some discourse about Freddie Gray’s record and how that may have contributed, either to his own actions or that of the cops. But now we’re hearing for the first time about the mental health record of the highest ranking officer involved in his arest.