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Non-drug treatment for asthma

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Asthma has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. The CDC states that more than 17 million Americans suffer from asthma – including one in 10 children. The good news? Now there’s a safe, natural, and proven cure for asthma called the Buteyko Method.

Unlike other “alternative treatments,” the Buteyko Method, which involves simple breathing techniques, has been studied in major clinical trials, written about in peer-reviewed medical journals, and is taught in Russian medical schools and covered by insurance in Australia. It was developed by MDs and is used by many MDs worldwide. Yet many U.S. doctors and patients still don’t know about it.

Leading Buteyko advocates and practitioners Sasha and Thomas Yakovlev-Fredricksen want to change that. They say asthma sufferers are overcome with gratitude once they learn the Buteyko Method breathing techniques from a trained Buteyko practitioner – and get immediate relief from coughing, stuffy nose, shortness of breath, and panic from not being able to breathe.

Scientists agree that one of the main causes of bronchospasm in the lungs is a low level of CO2. Put simply, the Buteyko breathing techniques help a person quickly normalize CO2 level in the lungs, causing the walls of the bronchioles to relax, and opening up the airways. Instead of hyperventilating, which is what asthmatics do to get more air, the Buteyko Method teaches them how to breathe less. Although it sounds counterintuitive, when people take in less air, asthma symptoms can be reduced or completely eliminated.

The Buteyko Method is simple enough that even children can learn it. All it takes, Sasha and Thomas Yakovlev-Fredricksen say, is practice. They have founded the Buteyko Center USA, which has been granted exclusive rights by the Clinica Buteyko in Russia as the official clearinghouse for learning materials, courses, and Buteyko Method certification training programs. A former serious asthmatic, Thomas credits the Buteyko Method with saving him from a life filled with fear, disability, and heavy medications.



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  2. It is wonderful that Buteyko is finally being recognized as a powerful clinically-proven, natural tool to work with asthma. Since 1995, Buteyko Educators throughout North America have been trained directly and indirectly by Dr Buteyko and his team. They frequently are already health professionals ranging from nurses to naturopaths, respiratory therapists to psycho-therapists. Buteyko Center, USA, although only 3 years old, has done tremendous work to further the work of Dr Konstantin Buteyko. The Buteyko Breathing Educators Association is the non-profit registering body for qualified Educators, establishing entry level requirements, standards of training and education, on-going research, publications, continuing education and has an independent examining board. For more information, go to
    Christine Bauman, Chair of the Board of BBEA.

  3. Thank you so much for making this information available and opening the gates further for the public. It is really wonderful that this follow up to the article by Jane Brody in the New York Times of November 2nd 2009 has become available. I am one of the longest practicing Buteyko Educators in the US beginning in 1995 and have been on WBAI radio many times interviewing other practitioner/educators beginning with my original Teacher, and the original teacher for most of the present practitioners in the world, Alexander Stalmatski whose books are still available. I assisted Alexander Stalmatski and helped to organize the the first training of practitioners in a medical center in 1999 in the Berkshire Medical Center extension at Fairview Hospital in Great Barrington Mass. I brought Jennifer Stark, one of the most respected Buteyko Practitioner/trainers in the world here and assisted her in conducting a two week long first phase of practitioner training in July of 2008 working with 5 trainees and over 30 students who came to learn to improve their health status with many different illnesses involved. She and her husband Russell Stark are the authors of what is becoming the bible in English regarding information about the Buteyko approach, THE CARBON DIOXIDE SYNDROME. Peter Kolb of Australia has been the longest Internet supporter of the work since the 90s with his very informative web site

    You can listen to several interviews from my radio shows of educators as well as Robert Cowie, M.D. one of then foremost researchers in the field all on Youtube at

    I am the co-vice chairperson of the Buteyko Breathing Educators Association www, with national offices in Indiana and Victoria BC. We are most proud to be associated with the highly regarded National College of Natural Medicine in Portland Oregon where we held our 2nd annual convention this past Fall. Our next annual conference will be held in Toronto Canada at the University of Toronto in Late August 2011.

  4. I have been asthma-free and have not required asthma medications in six years since learning the Buteyko method in Toronto in 2005.

    Thank you Dr. Buteyko. Thank you Christine Bauman.

  5. Buteyko USA most experienced educators in the World

    As a Buteyko educator writing from Europe, many of the most experienced Buteyko educators in the western world live and teach in the USA. Susan Neeves from , Bud Weiss from Carol Baglia from

    I would encourage any persons with asthma to find a local Buteyko educator from or

    In addition, there are many books and DVDs available on the Buteyko method available from or from

    Things can only get better for asthmatics living in the USA.

  6. I have been teaching the Buteyko Breathing method here in the north west of England, UK since 2009.

    I trained with Jennifer Stark and Savio D’Souza.
    The Buteyko Breathing Method has been listed in the Asthma guidelines over here since 2008.

    The method is also very effective for anxiety and sleep problems. For myself, it brought my debilitating migraines under control.

    I am also a member of the Buteyko Breathing Educators Association.

    My website

  7. Please be aware that the Buteyko Center USA is the only representation of the patent holders of the Buteyko Method. Avoid learning from an uncertified practitoner, it could harm your health! Visit Buteyko Center’s website to the the list of all certified practitioners in the USA and around the world.

  8. I have been teaching the Buteyko Institure Breathing Method for the past 8 years and have taught well over 1000 people who are doing extremely well with their asthma. I learned the method especially to help my daughter with severe asthma who was hospitalized in 2000. She has never has another attack since she learned the method from me. Robert LItman, Chair of Training Institute of Buteyko Educators of the Buteyko Breathing Educators Association. BBEA and certified practitioner of the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health, Australia.

  9. As a former severe asthmatic and a Buteyko educator, I can say there is no excuse for any asthmatic not to learn the Buteyko Method. It is a safe, effective, non drug technique that can be practiced alongside any conventional treatment. There are remarkable success stories from people of all ages and all kinds of breathing related disorders
    There are more MDs, DOs, RNs, RRTs worldwide who are approving Buteyko as an adjunct to conventional treatment And a number of published clinical studies speak for themselves
    The Buteyko Breathing Educators Association (BBEA) is a non profit organization that oversees standards, safety and professional qualifications of Buteyko Practitioners. Find a Buteyko Educator in your area at (click on Find a Buteyko Educator menu). And if there is nobody in your area, some Educators offer online courses or self-study kits for sale with optional support from an Educator.

  10. Buteyko is the answer to achieve efficient, effortless breathing all the time. As a former asthmatic who is alive because of Buteyko, I am passionate about sharing this option with others. I have been teaching Buteyko since 2003, having trained with the best such as Jennifer Stark, Patrick McKeown, and Masha Anthonissen-Kotousova. Being a Registered Respiratory Therapist is very advantageous to understanding breathing problems, treatments, and physiology. I have qualified for professional membership in the official organization; Buteyko Breathing Educators Association. I would love to help you breathe easier too as I travel to teach this innovative and effective breathing retraining program. See

  11. Buteyko doesn’t help with asthma….its money making and be aware. These people want to make money….research yourself before you spend thousands of dollars….and then are disappointed. Buyer beware! There is no quick fix!!!

  12. The statement about the Buteyko Breathing Method regarding its efficacy is false. It is not a cure but does help control symptoms of asthma brought on by chronic hyperventilation when done correctly. It takes determination and consistency to do them on a regular basis to see results and be taught by instructors who know what they are doing such as those from the

    As far as there being an existing patent, that is false. There was one in Russia many years ago but it is long expired. As far as cost is concerned, people who teach this method charge anywhere from $299 to $1825 for 6-8 hours of lecture/exercises plus addition help beyond. Sorry that Ms. Treblinko was disappointed. She is right about asthma, there is no quick fix, just being consistent with these exercises.

  13. What is the cause of his asthma? Is there a dfceet in his lungs, or is it from Allergies? If there is a physical manifestation, then I would have to say, you really don’t have a choice, but you can study up on the meds and try to find the ones that fit him better.If it’s allergens get an allergy test, find out what he is allergic to, then do your best to get rid of what is ailing his lungs and breathing. You can buy an air purifier, and take a natural supplement called Quercetin, which is $ 7 online. It is a powerful antioxidant, antihistamine and anti inflammatory. They recommend no more than 1500 mg a day, spread the doses out across the day.Once the allergy test comes back, if that is it, then you can have a serum made up to be given to your husband. My son took shots for two years, and we got rid of most if not all of his allergies. He had damaged lungs, so cold air was hard on him. But, now he is doing fine, at 22.The bottom line with asthma, triggered by allergies, is to keep fresh clean air in your home, no smoking around him, and keeping the dust/animal dander down to a minimum. Vaccuum daily, wipe things down constantly, clean off ceiling fans.Wash sheets, curtains, stuffed animals- weekly. You will be surprised at the difference it makes. Hard wood floors or tile are also better than carpet. It’s a lot of work, but well worth it. But, please, talk to the doctor!

  14. Asthma is not something that can be tareted with remedies, as it is not a temporary but a permanent condition. You can take an aspirin as a remedy for a headache, because most headaches are only temporary, so you can dull the pain until the headache goes away on its own. Asthma is not like that.The best advice is to consult a naturopath, who can find out what is irritating your husband’s lungs and making them spasm. This can be something as simple as house-dust mite or a food intolerance, or it could be more complex, involving poor digestion and an imbalance of gut flora which needs quite intensive investigation and treatment that is not provided by conventional doctors.Magnesium deficiency is also common in asthmatics.Wishing you success with improving your husband’s health.

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