Iran Green Movement. Crethi Plethi graphic

Clinton blasts repression in Syria, Iran

Iran Green Movement. Crethi Plethi graphic

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is, once again, taking aim at efforts to repress dissent in Iran and Syria.

“Two years ago this week, Iranian citizens went to the polls in the hopes of expressing their democratic rights. But the authorities in Tehran had no interest in the will of the people. When the people reached for their aspirations, the government responded with brutal repression,” Clinton said.

“Two years later, that repression continues. And today in Syria, Iran is supporting the Asad regime‚Äôs vicious assaults on peaceful protesters and military actions against its own cities.”

Clinton says the world was shocked by images of a 13-year-old Syrian boy, tortured and mutilated by Syrian security forces. “It reminded us,” she said, “of a young Iranian woman, killed in the street two years ago for all to see.”

Clinton says the world must renew its revolve to stand with the citizens of both nations who “yearn to be free and to exercise their universal rights.”