Drill baby drill. Mike Baird photo

Why Obama released oil reserves now

Drill baby drill. Mike Baird photo


Gee whiz! I would say, “Call Red Adair!” But, where’s the fire? Oh! It’s just President Obama blowing more smoke and calling it astute [sic] economic [sic] leadership [sic]…

Would anyone care to lay odds that if the energy industry and, most specifically, the oil and gas machine that is the lifeblood of our nation was greased by union thugs rather than hard working individuals primarily employed by companies in right-to-work states, we would be drilling here, drilling now and drill, baby, drillin’ our collective asses off in domestic fields in Texas, Alaska, California, North Dakota, Oklahoma New Mexico and the Gulf Of Mexico? Betcha we would!

Yes, indeed, Obama would have mental giants like Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), Hank Johnson (D-Georgia) and Anthony Weiner gainfully employed, sittin’ on sandhills in Odessa with the others, sucking on squiggle straws – and calling it ex-plo-ray-shun.

This purely political decision is clearly detrimental to the best interests of United States. Those reserves are held in trust for times of NATIONAL, not global, emergency. That is OUR oil and that the release of 30 million barrels of oil would actually go far enough to have an impact on the global economy anyway is downright laughable, especially when you consider that the U.S. alone is producing about 5.5 million barrels aday.

But, what isn’t laughable is, since when does the president take an oath to protect and defend the global economy? Would Obama actually attempt to promote his global agenda by exploiting fears of the very stupid who believe that America’s future success rises and falls globally? Damn straight he would!

Yes. This White House occupant is busily working to bolster and plug cracks in the wall of lies he’s constructed to gain support for agenda items. Like, oh, let’s see, continued American involvement in Libya.

Of course, since his inauguration, this man has done little than weave webs of deceit, play golf and take extravagant trips with The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Colossal, Costly & Pretentious Even-for-a-Head-of-State 3-Ring Entourage to locales where he’s met with just slightly more warmth than he is in American cities these days.

At its very core this oil reserve gesture is an affront to our intelligence. But I hope you’ll refuse to let him draw your focus from the obvious. Which is that he is, by design, very intentionally and with a great sense of purpose, calculatedly killing jobs and destroying our economy.

If the shortage of crude oil was genuinely critical, why would the federal government continue to fight so many states and private entities over the release of drilling permits? If the need for 30 million barrels of crude oil was as dire as he would have you believe, then why would the federal government be doing everything in its power (often flaunting the law) to tirelessly impede domestic exploration and drilling?

The current administration, especially those yanking his strings, knows that the release of permits would throw open the doors to what is so desperately needed – an abundance of jobs. Jobs, glorious jobs!

Ah, but here’s the rub: The bulk of those jobs would be created in right-to-work states. And while it’s true that Americans have short memories, here on the Gulf Coast we haven’t forgotten or forsaken either our work ethic or the knowledge that the road to prosperity is one of free market capitalism, not socialism and certainly not the one leading to residence in a nanny state. (Obama feels it just wouldn’t be prudent to let the rest of the country remember what we know only too well.)

When compared to larger action issues such as the repeal of Obamacare, killing cap & trade, securing our borders and disallowing amnesty in an effort to preserve our infrastructure, this may seem like a minor deed – downright small potatoes. In and of itself, maybe it is.

But, if you look past it at the bigger picture, you’ll see how plainly it illustrates:

  • Obama’s distain for working Americans,
  • That it bears direct witness to his arrogance and belief that we are too stupid to discern the motivation behind his actions, and
  • That it proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the sitting president has an exceedingly dangerous and disgraceful disregard for national security, the economy and the welfare of ALL Americans.