Huntsman blasts Perry on global warming, evolution [Video]

Jon Huntsman is blasting fellow Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry for discounting global warming and evolution.

Huntsman says Perry could put the Republican party on “the wrong side of science.”

“I can’t remember a time in our history when we were actually ready to shun science,” Huntsman said in an interview on ABC’s This Week.

“I think we should be straight up and rational and stick with the facts,” Huntsman said.



4 thoughts on “Huntsman blasts Perry on global warming, evolution [Video]”

  1. What exactly is so strange about Perry’s comments? Nobody has “proven” global warming and if it was all that bad, why isn’t Al Gore concerned about his own carbon footprint when he flies his jet everywhere and uses up resources in his three mansion homes?

    Evolution is called a “theory”. It’s called “the THEORY of evolution”. Perry doesn’t run from science. He just doesn’t swallow the pablum.

    Now, as to Bernacke. What part of ALMOST treasonous do people not get? The word ALMOST was overlooked by critics. And then does anyone realize that Rove is the Bushie Bulldog?

    Before people nix Perry, bear in mind theres no love lost between the Bushes, Rove and Perry. And there’s a good reason for it: BUSH WAS NOT CONSERVATIVE.

    Huntsman is also playing the fool. Going after Perry won’t get him nominated. The BIG TENT PARTY didn’t fly. What flew was THE PROMISE TO THE PEOPLE.

    Frankly, I don’t want Perry leaving my state. He’s done everything right here. Its only now the media is saying BS about him. But I live here. I know my state.

    Rule #1 in politics: when the mainstream media attacks you— you’re the one they fear.

  2. I post this in reply to leah d mclellans comment above.
    Why would one mention Al Gore in relation to global climate change? what does he or his houses really prove about the seriousness of climate change.
    Evolution is called a theory by those who push another view, that can’t even be called theory, Not by science.
    as to the fight among republicans, well that shows you how much rancor there is in the party, how much the big tent exists in name only.
    As for bush not being conservative- he ran against John McCain in 2000 another so called non conservative. I wonder who the conservatives were in 2000 and who represented them best? who was the conservative in 2008? Ron Paul which brings me to the last point.
    As leah d mclellan writes
    ‘ Rule #1 in politics: when the mainstream media attacks you— you’re the one they fear.’
    Well the mainstream media has been attacking Ron Paul for years- they don’t fear him so there goes that theory

  3. This is not a case of the media picking on Perry. This is one candidate running against another candidate attacking the other candidate.

    Where the heck do you come up with, this is the case of the media being afraid of Perry? Seems to me they’re just doing their jobs.

    Or would you rather that Huntsman NOT be challenged about his views while running for president?

  4. I also live in Texas and I think Gov. Perry is and has been doing a great job in Texas. As far as I know, Gov. Perry has kept every promise he made to the voter of this state when he ran for office. Can anyone else running for office make the same claim? I don’t agree with everything Gov. Perry has said, but at least what he says he will do is what he does.

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