Occupy Oakland out of control

Occupiers attacking banks. Cops attacking demonstrators. Demonstrators attacking police.

Things were ugly in Oakland California as Occupy Oakland protesters hit the streets to commemorate May Day.

Here protesters storm a bank:

Here an Oakland police officer holds the crowd at bay brandishing a shotgun while other officers arrest a protester behind him:

Here police drag two arrested protesters away:

Police fire teargas to disburse protesters:

A protester grabs a police officer from behind as the cop is making an arrest:



One thought on “Occupy Oakland out of control”

  1. When peaceful demonstrations become violent, Police must take action to disperse the demonstrators. We, the people, have the RIGHT to demonstrate. We do not have the right to destroy property or injure those who oppose our views. It is my opinion that demonstrators are trespassing when they take their protests into malls. At the vary least, protestors preventing people from shopping in those mall stores. To me, this is wrong and needs to be stopped. How much money did this demonstration cost the shop owners in sales, damages, etc.

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