Was Romney a schoolyard bully?


WASHINGTON – The Washington Post reported Thursday that while in prep school, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney bullied a fellow student who was presumed to be gay.

According to the Post, Romney targeted a fellow student at Michigan’s Cranbrook School for having bleach blonde hair that reached down over one of his eyes. Romney allegedly cornered the student, helped pin him down and proceeded to cut his hair.

The Post cites five fellow students as sources but says that the Romney campaign contends that the candidate does not recall the incident.

During an interview on the Fox News radio program Kilmeade & Friends after the article was published, Romney apologized for the incident, saying that he had done “dumb things” in highschool. He added that he did not believe he went after the student because he was presumed to be homosexual.

The story comes out one day after President Barack Obama announced that he supports same-sex marriage.



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