Most Americans agree, and polling shows, that the United States armed forces are among the most respected institutions in our society.

Unfortunately, our own president disagrees.

President Obama has labeled us, outspoken veterans from all Special Forces, not heroes…but ENEMIES!

The Special Operations Speaks PAC, reported credible allegations that President Obama’s national security team disclosed sensitive national security information, particularly operational and intelligence aspects of the special operation that accurately located and eliminated Osama Bin Laden.

How did our commander-in-chief reply – “I don’t take these folks too seriously.”

Obama went as far as accusing the SOS PAC effort to stop the dangerous leaks as self-serving. We have spent our lives in the service of this country…something Obama would not understand.

His actions belie his statement. On Obama’s Attack Watch website, President Obama labeled military support groups such as the OPSEC Education Fund, Veterans for a Strong America, and Special Operations Speaks, “Swift Boat 2.0” stating the organizations are “manufacturing false attacks” to “Swift Boat” his campaign.

Our feelings might have been hurt, but when a proven liar calls Special Forces Veterans liars, we wear it as a badge of honor.

It’s not just veterans Obama is trying to stifle… Obama is suing to suppress the military vote.

In 2008, when election turnout nationwide was 62 percent, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission reported that only 5.5 percent of eligible military and overseas ballots that were cast were actually counted. To its credit, the State of Ohio proposed to allow an extra three days for overseas ballots to be counted. However, the Obama campaign legal team has taken the position those three extra days to allow overseas votes to be timely counted violates the U.S. Constitution.

Approximately two thirds of our military vote by absentee ballot.

Unlike previous presidents, who have strongly supported and taken action to ease voting for military and other U.S. citizens serving abroad, such as the U.S. State Department and our various intelligence agencies, Obama the candidate appears to be using this issue to support his political objectives

We at Special Operations Speaks have taken on the mission to fight for our soldiers’ right to vote wherever they may be stationed — and, regardless of which way they may vote. It a simple matter of fairness. The Team Obama opposition to military and government civilian overseas voting apparently presumes that these patriots will vote against him.

Special Operations Speaks believes all these people, regardless of whom they choose to vote for, must have their right to vote defended.

As veterans we all took one lifelong oath: To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

All Special Operations Speaks members believe that our oath did not expire when we left active service. Our goal is to defend the Constitution. We encourage you will choose to help us in this critical endeavor by supporting us politically or financially.

Dick Brauer is co-founder of Special Operations Speaks