A campus spokesperson has confirmed shots have been fired on the campus of Lone Star College in north Houston.

Emergency responders are focused in the area around the campus library. There are unconfirmed reports of three people injured. Medical crews can be seen tending to at least two victims outside the building. Their conditions are not known, nor the nature of their injuries. At least one person is being taken by ground ambulance to Ben Taub Hospital.




  1. OMG !!! What in da Heck is going on with ALL these CRAZY People shooting people today ? Its Almost to the point you dont know weather or NOT to send youre Children to School with ALL these shooting going on !!!!

  2. Gun ownership is an important, if misguided, element of the country`s national identity. The madness continues. There must be a change, even I think it hardly will, but due to my opinion there is a misunderstanding that America`s formative myth of ” freedom” allows for weapons to be as widespread as smart phones…


  3. it looks lika personel attack on 2 people who knew each other but others were wounded it seems these people doing this shoild get attemped murder charges get 25 years

  4. hey SonnyBV i know gun owner ship is important piece of owner ship for use in game hunting and protecting your house but sh1t dude this has got worse and it will get worse if the government don’t tighten up on the gun laws in the us so my question is to you Obama why say what u said on tv in front of the whole nation and u ain’t pulled your finger out fro your arsehole we know the answers but do you know what your doing ????

    and my other question to you why do u want to follow Australia in taking guns away from Americans and do away with it when you know when u take the bloody things away you will have a f***ing war on your hands they are not asking you to take them away they want you to tighten up the system to make it harder for the mentally insane and the criminals to get adhold of them ????? but i am going to take a wild guess at your answer mr Obama im too Chicken sh1t to do it

  5. thats so much ,, really we need to quite life not weapons or bombs but i think and maybe the drugs is the first mistake in all of that issuse
    another thing pls sir give us more details and updates about that shots and whats happin after that

  6. hey allen20130,
    I live in a country with a very strict gun law. We do not have 1500 people killed per year (in the USA) just by cleaning their weapons….
    Like every President of the United States, Obama knows very well how strong and “mind-making” the National Rifle Association is. One of the reasons Obama nor his components of the republican party raised during the campaigns the gun-law-topic. Even they all sort of agree that guns belong into the hands of police and military and of course to hunters.
    It is up now for President Obama to take the iniative to bring up a new gun law which can be accepted by the majority of americans. But as we all know a majority can be very fast a minority…


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